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EnListen Corporation Product Overview

Based on extensive evaluation and research, EnListen Corporation has developed some of the most advanced sound listening training programs available today. Our programs are both adaptable to a wide range of concerns and highly effective. In fact, we have some of the highest success rates in the industry. Our customized programs are designed, administered, and monitored by a Licensed EnListen Professional who is committed to achieving your breakthrough with EnListen!

We continue to focus on making our programs available to as many people as possible. We’ll be adding new products in 2010, expanding our base of Licensed EnListen Professionals, and providing breakthroughs in the field of sound listening training as well as in the lives of our Customers.


EnListen Programs

For adults and children of all ages, with specific needs or goals, we offer highly customized sound listening training programs based on individual assessment and program development by our network of Licensed EnListen Professionals. EnListen sound listening training programs are delivered in a format that is portable and adaptable to a variety of educational, wellness, business, athletic, musical, relationships, spatial, and adaptive skills needs and goals.

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EnListen’s high quality, proprietary headphones with air and bone conduction are used in all professionally administered EnListen Programs. They are produced by AKG Acoustics, manufacturer of some of the world’s finest headphones. The headphones are comfortable and produce the kind of clear, high quality sound professional singers and sound engineers worldwide have come to expect from AKG. They can easily be connected to any computer or mp3 player via the attached standard 1/8” plug.

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School Programs

Typically administered and monitored by a teacher, librarian, special education teacher, or a teacher’s aide, EnListen Programs for Schools are typically used to address the needs of underperforming students. Using our proprietary Assessment and Program Decision Model software and a set of semi-custom sound programs, we can address individual deficits in auditory and vestibular processing for each student or we can provide group programs that individualize to several similar students. Whether listening individually or in small groups, students see improved results on State Competency Tests and improved academic performance. Teachers also see improved behavior and reduced hyperactivity as the ear functions more effectively.

EnListen Programs for Schools can be customized and created to work with all levels of competencies including gifted education, behavior problems, and high level music and athletic training.

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Listening is a critical factor in business success. It is the one skill that leverages all others. EnListen programs for business are specifically designed to work with a range of work-related competencies and goals and can be used in the business environment and in other areas of life.

We provide program recommendations to companies and human resource trainers to meet individualized and specific goals for businesses, institutions, and organizations. Customized programs, developed to achieve clear-cut staff and executive goals, ensure maximum results for each employee.

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