Business Programs

Listening is a critical factor in business success. It is the one skill that leverages all others. EnListen Programs for Business are specifically designed to work with a range of work-related competencies and goals and can be used both in the business environment and in other areas of life.

What EnListen brings to the business world is a program that goes beyond the usual cognitive approach to developing good listening. Whereas other programs typically require one to apply information gathered from reading a book or attending a seminar, or practicing new techniques, EnListen programs improve our processing abilities. Better processing means better organization and comprehension of information, allowing us to think more clearly and operate at our full potential.

EnListen also provides a competitive advantage for businesses operating in the expanding global business arena. International differences in language, culture, and thinking can make business challenging. EnListen trains your ear to tune in to the unique sounds of a second language, to perceive its rhythm, and to understand both the thinking and culture.

EnListen Programs can be used in businesses of all sizes. Subsets of programs are specifically designed to improve business results and foster a cooperative working environment. Human resources trainers can use EnListen to meet the intense training demands for business, industry, institutions, and organizations. Programs can be customized for specific staff members and executives for maximum effectiveness. For more information or to get started, please contact us.


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