School Programs

Typically administered and monitored by a classroom teacher, librarian, special education teacher, or a teacher’s aide, EnListen Programs for Schools are typically used to address the needs of underperforming students. Using our proprietary Assessment and Program Decision Model software and a set of semi-custom sound programs, we can address individual processing weaknesses in listening, language, motor coordination, social interaction, and learning for each student, or we can provide group programs that individualize to several similar students. Whether listening individually or in small groups, students see improved results on State Competency Tests as well as improved academic performance. Teachers also see improved behavior and reduced hyperactivity as the ear functions more effectively.

In an EnListen program, a student listens to licensed music, such as Mozart, that has been modified by the software so that each student can meet his or her individual learning goals. Some programs may include stories for language related improvement. EnListen Software and Media has the broadest range of sound controls within the field of sound listening training products and can provide passive listening training as well as active microphone practice so that students can read aloud, increasing integration among eye, ear, and voice input. This improves fluency for higher performance in reading and other subject areas that depend on reading and spatial organization.  Students with similar processing needs can be organized into groups for easier delivery of sound listening training.

EnListen Corporation has created school programs specifically designed to work with a range of ages and competencies in the K-12 environment. We also recommend staff training using EnListen, so that teachers also benefit while assisting students to improve performance on state and national norm tests. And besides helping students who are not passing to pass, EnListen is also for proficient students whose breakthroughs move them up to gifted performance! Customized programs can be delivered using EnListen software to ensure that each student has the best chance to develop their ability to think, read, compute, and pass the tests. But more, each student will be extending their personal potential to better succeed in life.

While many schools are searching for student programs to bring their competency levels into compliance with state standards, some are also interested in providing gifted education and high level music, athletic, and academic training for high functioning students as well. EnListen Programs can be customized and created to work with all levels of competencies, including students whose behavior puts them into alternative schools, often because of poor auditory processing.

EnListen Corporation is seeking funding for pilot programs in schools and letters of interest from schools who would like to be involved. Our solution depends on retraining two of the three main sensory systems that are in the ear, the cochlea and vestibule. It is not a cognitive-based approach, and it allows the cognitive abilities to develop at an accelerated rate.

We have made it easy to bring this into the classroom and after school activities. Contact us for more information or to get started with an analysis of your goals for underperforming students.


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