EnListen’s high quality, proprietary headphones with air and bone conduction are produced by AKG Acoustics, manufacturer of some of the world’s finest headphones. The headphones are comfortable and produce the kind of clear, high quality sound professional singers and sound engineers worldwide have come to expect from AKG. They can easily be connected to any computer or mp3 player via the attached standard 1/8” plug.

The base headphone is the AKG K-260 with an added bone conductor insert in the right ear cuff to send sound signals through the right mastoid bone.  A dial on the right ear can be set between 1 and 10, controlling how much air conduction sound goes to the left ear relative to the sound delivered to the right ear. Set at 10, both ears receive the same air conduction volume. This dial is manually set for each EnListen program segment according to the balance control shown in the individualized EnListen Program. 

Licensed EnListen Consultants provide EnListen Headphones with air and bone conduction to clients to use during their EnListen program as part of the program fee.

EnListen Headphones will be available for use with additional products coming from EnListen Corporation in mid 2010.


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