What is Enlisten

The Field of Sound Listening Training and Listening Technologies

The field of sound listening training emerged in the 1950's with the pioneering research of French physician, Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis (1920 – 2001). Tomatis is considered to be the founder of the field with the development of the Electronic Ear and his Tomatis Method to use it. The field expanded to include a variety of listening technologies all aimed at improving listening, our most basic skill.

Fundamentally, listening technologies use specifically modified audio tracks to stimulate targeted areas of the brain resulting in improved cognitive, language and motor skills. It can be used in educational, business, and private practice settings worldwide. Programs are provided by a varied group of professionals to a wide range of individuals of all ages, including those challenged with learning disabilities or developmental delays, autism, learning a second language or developing a musical ear.

Through listening technologies, listeners achieve a host of performance goals that have listening as their foundational skill. The field of sound listening training continues to evolve through research and development and its use by an increasing number of users.

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EnListen, a Leader in the Field of Sound Listening Training

EnListen Corporation is one of the world’s most trusted and respected providers of sound listening training. EnListen programs are educational and use up to nineteen controls that provide incredible flexibility for customizing programs to meet an individual’s needs. Recordings of world famous orchestras, licensed from APM Music, are modified by EnListen software’s sound filters, timing delays, equalizer slopes, and other elements to customize the listening program for each user.

Using information provided about the client on a confidential questionnaire, as well as information gathered from consultations, test results and professional reports, Licensed EnListen Professionals use our proprietary program development software to create an individualized and goal-specific program for the listener. Programs are then delivered over proprietary, high quality headphones utilizing both bone and ear conduction. Programs are provided in a private practice setting, schools and businesses and at home. While listening, the user can write, play, do arts and crafts, talk, relax, perform other activities, or even sleep.

Our extensive research and development has produced several technological breakthroughs:

  • The EnListen software that can run on many of the millions of Windows-based personal computers worldwide. In other words, it is easily distributed using current technology.
  • Proprietary and comfortable headphones with bone and air conduction that are manufactured for EnListen Corporation by AKG Acoustics, one of the most respected names worldwide for providing high end headphones and microphones to both sound engineers and professional musicians.
  • A proprietary Assessment and Program Decision Model that is used by Licensed EnListen Professionals to provide the most effective EnListen program based on individual needs, goals, history, and environment.
  • Products and prices that address a wide range of needs, monitoring and support requirements and levels of functioning. The most affordable programs require no professional assessment or oversight, while the semi-custom and custom programs are administered by experienced professionals.
  • A Professional Training Program that quickly trains qualified professionals to deliver individualized EnListen programs in a wide range of settings.

The benefits for end users, which are measured using both standardized and non-normed assessment tools, are:

  • Easy to use individualized sound listening training programs,
  • Delivered through comfortable, high quality headphones,
  • That improve how the ear processes sound and body movement,
  • And stimulates growth of new and underutilized neural pathways.

How Does it Work?


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