Mother of a six year old boy with Pervasive Development Disorder
Where to start? My son John is six years old with PDD-NOS. He’s bright and loving, but has difficulty outside the home. We first started off with the Tomatis Method, which involved driving two hours each way for a two-hour session. At the time, John was in a half-day pre-K program. The change was incredible; he did much better in school. His gym teacher went to his Pre-K teacher and asked what happened? He was attending in the loud gym environment, watching what his peers were doing and was able to mimic them. Upon completion he had improved greatly, it was the therapy that worked for my son above all others! I hoped to do another session, but was dismayed when I found out that the qualified therapist had retired and moved. She was gracious enough to refer me to Dr. Billie Thompson.

After talking with Dr. Thompson, I decided to pursue her program called EnListen Training. Little did I know that she was going to travel from Phoenix Arizona to my home a little village in Central New York and spend six hours testing not only my son, but also tested his brother and myself. It was the most thorough testing I have ever encountered. After testing she discussed her findings, then discussed setting up the listening program for each of us! I’m thinking that she’s going back to her office and will send it to us. After all the poor woman’s luggage was lost on the flight and she was piecing things together. Who would have guessed that she would persevere and design the programs tailored for each of us before she left. She did and even left us the equipment to start the program immediately though a lot of her equipment was still lost and she wasn’t sure if she would be able to service the rest of her clients. Here she was bouncing between Long Island, Albany and Rochester. That’s what I called a dedicated professional willing to go to the ends of the earth for your kids and she just met us.

I was amazed that the program was home based, just required a computer and headphones. My youngest then three would put on his headphones and play with his Thomas trains happily listening. My oldest son John chose to listen when he went to bed. We faithfully completed the first round of the program. In fact once we completed the program John repeatedly asked for “his music” when he went to bed. Where the Tomatis method only used Mozart music and Gregorian chants, Dr. Thompson has incorporated children’s music and stories into the program and the kids loved it. John still asks for the beach song.

Results speak louder than any words. After completing the EnListen program, my youngest son Andy tested out of the pre-school development program. His speech became much more intelligible and his vocabulary greatly expanded. He started singing, which he had never done and he never liked anyone singing to him, now he loved it! He transitioned into a full day Pre-K program and is doing well.

John transitioned into 1st grade easily. The remarkable thing with John who has very low toned finger muscles and writing seemed painful to him, he started writing and drawing! His penmanship was remarkable, his imagination shined through and he started drawing these very detailed pictures that one couldn’t imagine him doing. He had his tri-annual reevaluation and tested well. They were able to determine that he was above average intelligence in all subject areas and his speech testing jumped up ten points across all areas. His speech teacher had never seen a jump across the board like his. Needless to say she was very tickled!

He tested out of OT, speech and direct special-ed. services. We decided to keep the speech, and special-education is indirect, as needed only for social development. He jumped from the low reading group into the middle reading group, which involves changing classroom and teacher every day for reading and writing. He again transitioned very well. His reading comprehension is right on grade level with a little difficulty writing on the directed school topics. His art now has exceeded grade level and has become a source of comfort and reward for him. Who would have thought this kid that spent all last year sitting in his art class reading a book rather than doing any art projects was now drawing 50 elaborate drawings in a weekend!

I myself found the program to be relaxing. I slept much deeper and woke more refreshed and with more energy. Best gift a tired single mom could ask for!

To anyone with a child on the spectrum that has an auditory processing delay, this program is where to focus your time and money! I wish we had found this when he was first diagnosed. I’m grateful for the paths we have chosen or that have found us by others sharing their journey and hope that sharing our story will encourage you and yours.

Mary Ellen Dixon
Vernon, New York 

Mother of 7 year old girl with developmental delays and now normal EEG
Our 7 year old daughter, Kayden, has a smile that will knock your socks off. She is an engaging, wonderful child who is full of life and potential. We are so blessed to be her parents…even though we’ve been on a difficult and sometimes very scary road with our sweet daughter.

Kayden was “normal” at birth, and we didn’t have a clue that she had serious developmental issues until we almost lost her to a life threatening event at 11 months old. Then at 4 and a half years old the seizures started, and we relived a nightmare of waking in the middle of the night knowing that something was wrong with our child. We’ve been on a long journey to find resources that would help our daughter developmentally since she was just a baby. This road has taken a toll on our hearts, and I am so happy that we discovered EnListen about a year ago. EnListen and Dr. Billie Thompson have made a dramatic difference for Kayden and for our entire family.

After starting EnListen a year ago, Kayden received her first EEG that was free of abnormal activity since her seizures started at 4 and a half years old. When we received the results of her second “normal” EEG, Kayden’s neurologist commented that the quality of her brain activity had also improved over the course of only 4 months. This was a huge win for Kayden, and the relief we felt after getting this news cannot be put into words!

Additionally, Kayden has struggled significantly with her speech and motor control. Since starting EnListen, we have seen more progress in these areas of development than we’ve seen her entire life doing other types of therapy. Kayden is learning to express herself verbally. We are working harder and harder to make gains with her speech, and we are seeing the hard work pay off! A couple of weeks ago, Kayden told me what she wants Santa to bring her for Christmas. That brought tears of joy to my eyes. This may be the first year she is able to tell him what she wants without my help!!

So what’s the bottom line? My husband and I believe that Kayden’s potential is unlimited. Our first meeting with Dr. Billie sparked that belief in our hearts. Through working with Dr. Billie and accessing resources for our own emotional support, my husband and I have shifted our thinking about what Kayden can achieve. She is a smart, capable little girl, and we believe in her ability to achieve great things. These heart and mindset changes started the day we called Dr. Billie and asked for her help. I will be eternally grateful for the person who brought EnListen to our attention and for Dr. Billie’s involvement in our lives. We have been forever changed.

Lisa Deys

Father of special needs boy
Where can I start? Prior to Dr. Thompson’s Enlisten program, Nate was really struggling. As a first grader, Nate required two teachers, a special education teacher, a special education assistant, a one-on-aide, occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy five days per week. His testing in basic reading, writing, and communication and arithmetic skills showed that he was below the lowest recordable level, so he was basically non-testable. We have, in the past, tried everything with Nate just to get him to the point where he could attend school, but we wanted more for him – we wanted him to progress and even succeed.

After researching all the available options not yet tried, it was clear we needed to give Dr. Thompson’s Enlisten program a shot. Frankly, I did not believe the results she published and I was skeptical. The program seemed expensive and I just did not know how a work-at-home therapy was going to go. However, we were desperate and we knew we had to at least try.

Nate has completed the full program plus an extra accelerated module. He is now in second grade and his improvements are too many to mention. He is truly a different kid. We once had a son with special needs that was easily identified by others as having special needs. Now, I can honestly say, people think Nate has a lot of energy and a slight speech issue, but others basically consider him as typical.

In school, Nate has blossomed. His reading and writing went from un-testable to nearly grade level. His math skills have greatly improved and his social communication grades are normal. Speech is now given in a group, which Nate typically leads and OT and PT are nearly done. Nate now plays baseball for the local Town team and performs well – an activity that was unthinkable over a year ago. He also ice skates and wrestles. We can take him out to movies, sporting events and dinners and Nate is probably the best behaved kid there (even better than my two “typically” developing children)! Basically, we went from a family that struggled with a special needs child to a family that does everything and anything that typical families do without reservation or hesitation. In fact, as I am writing this, we are preparing for a one-week family vacation to Disney. A year ago, I though the closest Nate would every get to Disney is watching it on TV.

Dr. Thompson and Enlisten works. The progress is not instant and you do need to work hard to make sure the program is administered and executed correctly. It is expensive, especially in this economy, but Dr. Thompson worked with us and you cannot put a price on the progress we have seen. Other therapies are important and I am sure have helped. However, it was not until Enlisten did we see Nate make the jump from a child struggling to do everything, to a child that is succeeding in school and in life. Thank you Dr. Thompson.

Kevin C. Clor
Buffalo, NY

Mother of learning disabled and ADD boy
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dear Dr Thompson,
When we met we were grappling with a child who had been diagnosed with a learning disability, and ADD. We had been through a battery of tests, we knew what we had but not how to fix it. John was bright, but in a silent world of his own. Everything was hard for him to learn, nothing was intuitive. He was sweet natured and cooperative, but sedentary and had poor physical development. How could we send this guy to kindergarten, with no good idea how to teach him?

Friends of ours who had had previous experience with the program put us in touch with Dr. Thompson. We read the articles and they were too good to be true. My husband and I are both scientists, we were very skeptical, but we needed a way to reach John, to bring him to his full potential. Even if it only worked in a partial way we would be better off. This looked like a miracle but at such a price! No, insurance did not cover the cost; we had to forgo a vacation this year.

This year has been the best vacation we did not have. After the first intensive we began to see change, John has gone through many developmental stages he completely missed the first time. He puts everything in his mouth, as a baby nothing, not even a pacifier went in his mouth. He began to be more aware of his surroundings; he gave up his 1.5 hour naps each day. He began to have more and more time when he was fully present. Grandparents who did not see him often noted some change. Four weeks later we had the second intensive. Bigger change. John begins to sparkle. He competes with his sister, he learns the word No! and uses it all the time.

His physical therapist notes great improvements. She had wanted to have him use another prepackaged listening program: we wanted a program designed to meet John’s specific needs. John’s art skills are beginning to develop. There is less random scribble. We visit family members who have not seen us in six months. A new child! He is active and interactive, he is present all the time and he is still cooperative. The grandparents note much greater change in the six weeks since they had seen him. He was able to communicate and interact.

We entered school with our fingers crossed. Would the hours of listening, physical and occupational therapy pay off? John’s interim report after five weeks, showed an academically strong result with some minor attention and work skills trouble. We were relieved and started the third intensive. What more would we get? The third session was harder. John did not want to do the listening. “His ears were smart now”. We persevered and he became whiny and uncooperative, more stages. The teacher remarks that he is much more attentive, his organizational skills are improved, and his handwriting is greatly improved. His Occupational therapist notes similar findings. The first report card is a pleasure. He has mastered all the age appropriate skills. He attends well, is a good friend and works hard. He has learned to read and can count to 50. We know we are on the right track. He is not noticeably different from any other child in the class.

We are not finished, there are immaturities and still some physical delays but we know we would not have made as much progress without the Enlisten program. We made an investment in our child in order to give him his best chance at a normal life. We could not be more pleased with the return on this investment.

Sincerely yours,
Anne Perry

Mother of 12 year old girl whose math scores move up to gifted

My daughter is in seventh grade, but is in an eighth-grade math class. Yesterday I had a parent teacher conference, and her math teacher told me that her MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) score for math was 239, up from 225 at the end of last year. He asked me if she had studied over the summer. I told him we hadn't, but described the Enlisten program, which we finished just a couple weeks before the test. He told me that whatever we were doing was working. Her yearly test scores jumped to an early 11th grade level. I think that's amazing!

Laura Spitzer


Children with Autistic Spectrum Diagnoses

Mother of a mildly autistic 2 1/2 year old boy
In December 2006 we began the Enlisten program for our son Alex (30 months old), soon after he received a preliminary diagnosis of “mildly autistic”. Alex had very little focus, engaged in frequent tantrums, and had an expressive spoken vocabulary of less than 10 words. During the course of our first 30-hours of the Enlisten program, we observed that Alex could sit still for a few minutes at a time while listening to the program and we knew that Enlisten was “reaching” him. We can actually see the muscles in his face fill out during his auditory sessions. Presently, fourteen months and 150 hours (Dr. Thompson, please correct me if I’m wrong here) later, Alex’s development has progressed remarkably. Alex now has an expressive spoken vocabulary of well over 1000 words, he is attending preschool and learning to read, he plays socially with other children and pretend-plays appropriately, and he is affectionate with his family and often tells us that he loves us.

To date, we continue to work on his focus and some echolalia. The Enlisten program has assisted our son overall with integrating his early intervention therapies, muscle tone and his chiropractic treatments, benefiting from his GFCF diet, and cooperating with his allergy elimination program. An intelligent boy at nearly 4 years old, we feel only optimism regarding Alex’s future. Dr. Thompson has been a tremendously knowledgeable resource to our family, and always supportive. During the past year, the Enlisten program has been instrumental to Alex’s healing and well-being. I highly recommend Dr. Billie Thompson to anyone who seeks her expertise.

When our son began his first Enlisten sessions, I asked Dr. Thompson if I could participate along with him so that I might share in his experience and have some understanding of the program. The program was adapted to benefit my son’s language, focus, and behavioral issues, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I, too, would benefit from his Enlisten program. I have had a bilateral high-frequency sensoneural hearing loss since I was a child and I presently wear hearing aids. Soon after beginning Enlisten, I noticed that my listening preference shifted from my left to my right ear, which is considered neurologically preferable for communication. Additionally, my most recent audiological report has demonstrated an increase in my language comprehension from 75 to 100%! Thank you, Dr. Thompson!

Cindy Howard



60 year old male Executive Director of charitable organization
As a sixty plus executive director of several charitable entities and as an augmenter of “Signature Brandings” for their varied philanthropic activities, I am continually searching for excellence. In these quests I’ve tended to be objective more than subjective. I ascertain results that work before problems over complicate. There is truly something unique about finding answers and communicating them by utilizing Dr. Thompson’s methods and improvements on Tomatis’s Research and Accepted Practices.

In these decisive years I’ve embodied serendipitously the Spiritual and Philanthropic aspects of Life. The Spiritual; I’ve had a successful healing done just prior to my quadruple by-pass heart operation. Philanthropically, by having the capacity of setting up a multi million dollar Pooled Income Fund for United Charities. EnListen came to me as a uniquely rewarding occurrence, which I utilize for the common good. I am becoming capable, adroit and progressive. I consider Enlisten a reward to those who embrace it and expand it to their surroundings.

This methodology is clear and decisive when involving Enlisten in one’s life’s path. It acts as a connective enablement, producing cognitive recognition, discernment along with accessing neural integration. For me it is important to take numerous facts and relevant information on a philanthropic level and combine them in way that appears understandable, seamless to the contributor, benefactor and volunteer.

Charities and Foundations have to exist today by promoting compelling, actionable and rewarding solutions to their public, peers, volunteers and activists. EnListen has instilled a clarity within me that allows the ability to focus on others with complex thoughts while simplifying their presentation….

EnListen has a “creatibility” factor that is immeasurable. It affects my work, leisure and all aspects of my life. It allows me to manage my life with a heightened sense of accomplishment, discernment and an improved sense of well being for myself and others. I even recognize my mistakes and change, old and /or new and correct them.

Have health and prosper

Joel I Levin Charity Architect
Foundation of the Americas
Foundation Mgmt Society

I came to Enlisten knowing that I had lived a bigger, happier life in the past and wanted that incredible sense of excitement and energy back. Too many tough life issues had clouded my focus. I was drowning in the past instead of living clearly with distinct intent and purpose in the present. Enlisten brought back clarity and focus. The process reignited a bursting sense of confidence and rebuilt the heightened sense of achievement I knew had been missing. I emerged from the training completely transformed, re-embracing my senses of strength, confidence and leadership, even my sense of humor. I now have a set of very significant tools that I rely on 24/7 to bring the best of my abilities to the top of their form at any time I need them.

Barbara Zucker
Campaign Management Corp
Coral Springs, FL

Former Wall Street Executive and Entrepreneur
I am a former Wall Street sales and marketing guy who is currently building a digital image library using proprietary software applications that I developed. I was challenged by Dr. Billie Thompson to use her EnListen technology while I created digital art and fabric design imagery. (I feel a need to note that I have a high IQ and have had a life long challenge with ADHD and clinically diagnosed manic depression.)

Before I started EnListen sessions, I did a multi-hour analysis of my “normal” production by determining my average per hour image development number pre EnListen. I then did my first 15 day program of EnListen, also while developing images. I was careful to track my production each day for the 15 days.

 I was rather shocked to see a production increase of 30 to 40% per day for each of the 15 days. This was hard to believe! I asked Dr. Thompson for another 15 day series to try to confirm my results. My second series production continued the increase of 30 to 40% over my pre-EnListen numbers. I also found myself more relaxed while working and less tired when finished.

There has been a rather pronounced “shift” in my post-EnListen listening and I have been able to use this productively by specific music and sound application to all of my work sessions. It has now been more than a year since my last EnListen program, and I believe it is positive realignment of my listening is wonderfully in effect.


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