Professional Training

Professional Prerequisites

EnListen Corporation has several professional training opportunities for specialists in the US and its territories, as well as in other countries. Individuals with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and three years of experience in their service profession can apply for EnListen professional training. Advanced degrees and professional licenses are preferred, with consideration given to all who apply with at least an appropriate degree and sufficient experience. See a list of qualified professions and degrees.


Practitioner Level Training in the US and its Territories

Professionals new to the Field of Sound Listening Training / Listening Technologies

If you are new to the field of sound listening training and listening technologies, please contact us to complete an application for professional training. We’ll consider your background, degrees (minimum of Bachelors of Arts or of Science required), accomplishments, experience (minimum three years) in your helping profession, and the clientele you want to serve. We’ll forward our Training Courses and Options to you and recommend the best way and location to get started.

The three main ways to get trained are:

For professionals with established practices and/or advanced degrees and at least 10 years of experience in their profession, you can get trained by an EnListen Sub-Licensor Company  who will provide a full service training package based on your expected clientele and number of professionals to be trained. We are looking for professionals recognized in their community as providing the best results and leading edge technologies to their customers. There can be a variety of professionals within a community that serve their own clientele, for example, educational consultants, occupational therapists, music therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, audiologists, music teachers, personal coaches, foreign language coaches, human resource trainers, pediatricians, chiropractors, psychologists, neuropsychologists, executive trainers, athletic coaches, and others who incorporate educational programs into their professional practice.

For professionals with at least three years experience in their practice and smaller practices, you can either 1) work with a Licensed EnListen Consultant who will mentor you at your site with an Outreach program that you organize in your community and train you “on-the’job” or 2) attend a formal training through a Licensed EnListen Professional Trainer. 

For professionals who have worked with one or more listening technologies in the past ten years and want to work at an individualized level of programming, including writing your own programs, you can participate in a formal class structure and have a mentor work with you for a three month period upon successful completion of the training and purchase of the minimum number of EnListen licenses and headphones.

For entry level professionals who have worked with sound listening training of one or more listening technology types in the past ten years and want to work at an individualized program level we’ll provide an outreach training program in which a Licensed EnListen Consultant will work with you in a mentoring and on-site training program. The training will cover a duration of up to six months so that the minimum number of outreach clients have been served. Contact us about training options for EnListen

After we receive your application for training, an authorized EnListen professional trainer will contact you based on the information in your application.

Thank you for your interest in EnListen Professional Training and becoming a Licensed EnListen Practitioner or Consultant.


Practitioner Level Training Outside the US

Individual professionals or professional groups wishing to receive Practitioner or Consultant level training outside the US and its territories should contact us.


Advanced Training for Practitioners

Once a Practitioner has had sufficient experience with EnListen, he or she may enroll in Advanced Training Courses available through EnListen Corporation. These Courses include use of a microphone for inclusion of audio-vocal practice within an EnListen program and use of listening tests within EnListen assessments. Ongoing courses take into consideration the special conditions of some clients (such as those with autism, developmental delays, attention, reading problems, or behavior problems) when developing and delivering an EnListen program. We also address the needs of peak performance clients, such as executives, athletes, musicians, and artists whose EnListen goals are to achieve breakthroughs in their gifted area or to regain some proficient level of processing that was lost.

Advanced training courses are held in Phoenix, AZ as well as other locations where there is sufficient demand for a particular course.

Contact us if you are interested in Advanced Training for Practitioners.


Consultant Level Training

EnListen Consultant Level Training is provided through affiliate Sound Listening Corporation. Licensed EnListen Practitioners can apply for this training after they have completed the following prerequisites:

  • Advanced Training for Practitioners
    • Using the Microphone within EnListen Programs
    • Using the Listening Test with EnListen Assessment
  • Worked with at least twenty clients using EnListen.

Consultants are trained to create, modify, and adjust EnListen programs to meet clients’ specific needs and goals for doing an EnListen program. They often provide longer programs and more integrated monitoring to clients with extensive needs, viewing the sound listening training process over the length of several intensives for up to a year in length. Greater gains are often possible with individualized programs that occur over longer training lengths.

NOTE: Some Professionals worldwide who were previously trained in and used other listening technologies that provide for individualization of programs may qualify for Consultant Training without completing Practitioner level training first.

Contact us if you are interested in Consultant Level Training.


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