EnListen Corporation was formed in 2009 by Drs. Billie M. Thompson and Kirk D. Thompson with the goal of making EnListen Programs and professional training available worldwide. Using state of the art digital technology, EnListen is the first company to offer software based listening training products ranging from pre-packaged to highly customized programs. The technological breakthroughs made by the Thompsons, who have worked in the field of sound listening training since 1986, have made EnListen Corporation one of the most trusted and respected providers in the industry.

EnListen Programs address the needs of a wide range of customers, from those seeking a breakthrough in a child’s foundational abilities, to teens wanting to improve academic performance, to successful executives committed to achieving the next level of performance and productivity.

EnListen Programs are provided through professional centers under the supervision of Licensed EnListen Professionals. Our clients include educational centers, businesses, schools, wellness centers, and children and adults of all abilities.

For qualified specialists we offer a comprehensive training and licensing program. This training is available to degreed specialists throughout the United States and its territories who wish to make this breakthrough technology available in their area. With our underlying technology  and support services, we provide an exceptional opportunity to qualified professionals.

EnListen Corporation is a leading resource for parents, individuals of all ages, schools, organizations, and practitioners seeking real solutions for real problems, as well as performance breakthroughs, through sound listening training.

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